Ronald David


Wedding Officiant

Serving the needs of Sacramento and surrounding communities.



There are many questions and concerns couples have here are a few you might have. Please contact me with any questions you may have.

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Q. What is a non denominational minister?

A. In general terms it refers to a minister who may or may not be affiliated with a particular denomination. In most cases, such as my own, the non denominational minister is generally Christian in scope and practice. It also means that he (or she) addresses the needs of those who may have very strong religious ties as well as those who have almost no ties to a particular faith or denomination.


Q. Am I a non denominational minister?

A. Absolutely. I’m probably the quintessential non denominational minister. I’ve officiated ceremonies involving a broad cross-section of couples with backgrounds that may include Protestant Denominations, Roman Catholic and scores of couples who may have no particular religious connection whatsoever. Occasionally this would include inter-faith ceremonies as well.

Q. What are the components of my wedding ceremony?

A. The basic ceremony options consist of appropriate readings, a special focus on the marriage relationship, sharing each couples personal story, wedding vows, parental blessing (when appropriate), lighting of the Unity Candle, the Sand Ceremony, Rose Exchange, a prayer/blessing and presentation of the bride and groom. and more. All ceremonies are very personalized.


Q. How do my fees compare with others?

A. I’ve been told by scores of couples that my fees are very reasonable and competitive. Also, I’ve heard often that I offer much more in total officiant services and personal interest with a caring spirit.


Q. Do I attend wedding rehearsals?

A. The majority of time a wedding coordinator comes with “the package” at most wedding locations and my presence is not necessarily needed. The intent of “wedding rehearsals” focuses on logistics and final details for the wedding party and family. On occasion, if there is not a coordinator on sight, we can negotiate my service if necessary..

Q. What does the total package include?

A. The first meeting is an in-depth consultation in my home or an agreed-upon convenient location. I enjoy listening to each couple’s “how we met” story, discussion regarding the wedding ceremony, review the marriage license process and more. Each couple takes home wedding ceremony ideas with all the basic components to “make it their own”. The second meeting is within 1-4 weeks of the wedding date when we re-connect to finalize the ceremony and go over the paper work of the marriage license.

The third meeting is, of course, your wedding day. I will be present (30-45 minutes early) at the ceremony location to meet with bride and groom, and,wedding coordinator. I will also process the “witnesses” signing and mailing of the marriage license.